The Unico System is a high static pressure air handling unit system with a specialized duct system optimized for low noise, draught free heating, cooling and ventilation. Because of the systems unique air distribution pattern, it ensures a very even temperature profile throughout the conditioned space. The Unico System consists of the following components:

Air Handling Unit

Our Green Series air handling units feature variable speed EC fan motors by Emerson. Each system comes with our S.M.A.R.T. control board that allows full programming functionality through the use of our ECM Config software and ordinary USB cable.

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We provide the Unico system with tried and tested control options to suit each and every possible situation. We have options from basic manual temperature control through to full SMART home integration with remote control and monitoring options. We can also provide multi-room control and our units’ built in controls allow the system to automatically adjust the airflow as different zones are turned on and off.

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Supply Outlets

With very discreet round or slotted outlets the system has minimal visual impact and gives architects and interior designers the flexibility to avoid compromises in their design.

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Supply Tubing

The Unico System patented small diameter, sound attenuated tubing give M&E consultants much more scope in their design and allows for easier installation than conventional ducted systems.

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At Quantum Group we partner the Unico System with the Climaver Neto acoustically lined pre-insulated fibreboard ducting manufactured by Isover.

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The Unico System's modular design allow much more freedom for connection to energy sources from other manufacturers. The system features energy efficient heat exchanger coils for refrigerant based systems, boilers and heat pumps and can also be used in bi-valent configurations. Our preferred energy sources have Zero Ozone Depletion Potential and a Low Global-Warming Potential. The modular design ensures future proofing the system as it allows individual components to be upgraded as newer or more energy efficient version are launched without the need to replace the whole system.