At Quantum Group we partner the Unico System with the Climaver Neto acoustically lined pre-insulated fibreboard ducting manufactured by Isover.

This ducting is attached directly to the air handling unit and forms the main duct network before distribution to individual sound attenuator branches and supply outlets. It is manufactured from glass mineral wool making it more efficient than sheet metal ductwork and will also be able to meet thermal, fire and acoustic requirements from the building regulations.

There are 2 different shapes for the fibreboard ducting; square and rectangular. The size and shape of the duct will depend on the system and the application with bespoke shapes also available.


Default Duct Sizes:

1218 Systems – 210mm x 210mm or 300mm x 150mm

2430 Systems – 250mm x 250mm or 450mm x 150mm

3642 Systems – 250mm x 250mm or 450mm x 150mm

4860 Systems – 280mm x 280mm or 550mm x 150mm